An Electronic Pneumo System for tethered scuba divers


The C-Depth 3 has been developed for electronic diver depth monitoring in Lightweight Diving Operations rather than using a pneumatic diving control panel. The system is ideal to give the Supervisor a surface read-out whilst air diving using tethered scuba diving, which utilises a rope or rope/comms line.

The C-Tecnics Electronic Pneumo System comprises a surface display indicating water depth, a power and signal cable from the surface to the operator/diver, and a highly accurate pressure transducer.

It is ideal for use with the Interspiro Divator DP used by some Police diving teams, and has recently been taken into service by a UK police force.

The standard cables supplied are 75m in length, but longer are available. The small size of the transducer allows it to be easily diver mounted for depth monitoring or hand-held as a bottom profiling device.