C-Tecnics announce C-Vision HD


C-Tecnics are delighted to announce the release of the C-Vision HD High Definition Underwater Television System. Based on the popular C-Vision Diver Video and Communication System, the C-Vision HD has been developed as a robust and extremely portable solution particularly aimed at Underwater Survey, Inspection and Research companies and organisations.

The C-Vision HD Surface Control Unit is a PC based portable video display and capture console with inbuilt camera and lighting control, a 15.4” display and a QWERTY keyboard. The system provides 30 hours worth of HDD recording space and live on-screen display of serial data fields such as GPS data, or ship’s survey NMEA data-stream.

At the front line of the system stands the new C-Tecnics Mantis HD Camera. The Mantis is an extremely compact, colour zoom and focus high definition camera. The 1/3-inch CMOS sensor provides exceptional picture quality with the highest level of resolution. The camera provides a full 1080i HD output signal (in HD mode), and incorporates a 10x optical zoom. The camera has been designed to be as compact as possible but still provide the highest quality of picture for all subsea viewing applications.

The C-Vision HD System includes two C-Tecnics Tetra Laser Pointer Modules for scaling of subsea structures and variable control of two C-Tecnics LED Lights for optimum illumination. Zoom and Focus controls for the Mantis HD Camera come as standard as does a host of live video stream and data transfer ports to easily download recorded files to external hard disk or to a network.