C-Tecnics diver video and communications system supplied to European Police Authority


A European Police Authority Diving Division has recently taken delivery of an all-in-one C-Tecnics dive monitoring and recording system, forming an important part of a containerised dive control station built and supplied by Submarine Manufacturing and Products Ltd.

With the C-Vision R the user has complete communication with up to 3 divers. Video and audio are recorded, and can be managed and edited on board the PC-based system or transferred to external devices for processing and storage. The system, mounted into a compact rack cabinet with backup power supply, can display diver video feed on up to three external screens via HDMI, giving each channel its own dedicated display. A fourth screen can be connected to allow the tender to view all channels simultaneously. A unique ‘kill switch’ feature has been incorporated to provide the tender with additional control over external video and audio outputs. A full ‘round robin’ communications system integrated into the C-Vision ensures that the divers and the tender are always connected in real time.

The supply of the C-Vision also included three fully terminated diving gas umbilicals combined with C-Vision cable, optimised for use with the dive control station.