CT3008 Underwater Inspection Camera tested to destruction


We have recently carried out a further round of destructive testing on our CT3008 Underwater Inspection Camera.

Previously the CT3008 Underwater Camera was tested to 1000msw (100bar), but during the recent pressure testing at the National Hyperbaric Centre the camera was tested to 5000msw (500bar) and still didn’t show any signs of destruction. Eventually the anodised aluminium body for the camera imploded at 5490msw (549bar).

The CT3008 Camera is an extremely compact high quality colour camera which features an excellent distortion free rectilinear fixed focus, auto iris, wide angle lens. The camera is equally suitable for diver helmet mounting, hand held and ROV mounted inspection work. The low light sensitivity coupled with such high resolution and exceptionally wide but geometrically accurate pictures combine to make an extremely versatile tool for close inspection work through to general observation tasks.