Enter C-Tecnics Photo Competition for a chance to win a prize!


C-Tecnics welcomes you to send us your best pictures of C-Tecnics equipment in action!

We are looking for the very best snapshots of any of our range of video and communications systems and diver recovery equipment in use by YOU. Whether you’re a dive supervisor operating a C-Vision system topside, or a commercial diver sporting a Jok II Harness below the surface, you could be in for a chance to win any one of 3 prizes…

1st Place: The winner with the best snapshot will receive both a Jok II Recovery Harness and Backstabber Diver Knife complete with Sheath.

2nd Place: will be awarded a Jok II Recovery Harness

3rd Place: will be awarded a Backstabber Diver Knife complete with Sheath

How to enter

Participants should submit their images by email to photocomp@c-tecnics.com. Any individual may submit up to a maximum of 5 images. Images should contain clear visual representation of a C-Tecnics product or products, preferably in use by an operator or diver.

Images will be judged on:

Quality of image

Clear visual presence of C-Tecnics products

‘Excitement’ factor

The closing date for submitting images is Friday 7th December 2018. Images will be reviewed and winners announced by Friday 14th December 2018. Winners will be contacted by e-mail in direct reply to the address from which the image was submitted. Delivery address information should then be provided to C-Tecnics in order to arrange the postage of prizes. There is no chargeable cost for postage.


C-Tecnics reserves the right to retain, edit and publish all images received via this competition for the purposes of product promotion, website improvement and other appropriate marketing activities. Careful consideration will be given to any other branding, product placement and commercial logos present in received images, and may be edited out either at the entrants’ request or at C-Tecnics’ discretion. Entrants’ contact information will not be shared with any 3rd party and will be erased on request. Winners will be informed through direct e-mail contact, and announced on various social media platforms. Winners may request that they are announced anonymously. Images submitted should be of a sensible and appropriate nature. Any images not meeting these criteria will not be considered.

Entrants must be 18 years or older in order to be considered.

C-Tecnics accepts no liability for any harm or injury caused by improper use of C-Tecnics products. The ‘Jok II Harness’ is class 3 certified PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and should only be used by professionals and competent individuals with the proper training. The ‘Backstabber Dive Knife’ is fitted with an extremely sharp serrated blade and should only be used by professionals and competent individuals with the proper training.

C-Tecnics encourages entrants to exercise great care and caution in the event that images are obtained during live diving operations.