Far East Military specifies C-Tecnics Video Systems


Five complete sets of customised C-Vision diver video and comms systems have been delivered to a major Navy in the Far East

The specially adapted C-Vision offers a portable split screen video control system which also offers high-performance diver communications and digital depth monitoring features, thereby giving total control, recording and verification of the whole dive. Diver umbilicals connect to high resolution, helmet-mounted video cameras and powerful LED lights.

Two divers can be monitored in real time and up to 500 hours of recorded dives stored for later playback and analysis. Diving Supervisors are finding this validation of dives and their actions invaluable in dive reviews and also incident playback.

Weighing only 13Kg, C-Vision systems are ideal for use on mobile diving platforms and sites. A rack-mounted system is also available for containerised systems and vessel control rooms.