Is your dive site medically compliant?


C-Tecnics has developed a complete DMAC 015 package containing equipment suitable across a variety of diving related medical emergencies, either on the surface or in a decompression chamber. High quality medical equipment and accessories have been selected in accordance with IMCA DMAC 015 Rev 4 guidelines covering all requirements for medical equipment on a dive site.

The kit is supplied in a Roll Out Medical System (R.O.M.S.) rucksack, which allows easy transportation and quick deployment. An ergonomically designed layout for ease of use. Hard case version also available.

Each kit is supplied with a full inventory list including expiry dates for each applicable item. C-Tecnics can also provide an aftercare service ensuring all kits are fully equipped with items within their use by date.

DMAC 015 Rev4 compliant drugs package and Defibrillator also available.