New Product: The C-Torch


C-Tecnics are proud to announce the development of THE C-TORCH; a new handheld torch designed for safe use in helium enriched environments. Lightweight and robust in design, and with an impressive 1200 lumens output, the C-Torch is a must-have for saturation divers. The integrated helium relief valve ensures the safe venting of any gas build up inside the torch when ambient pressure is relieved. This is a crucial safety feature which prevents the gas from getting trapped when expanding, which could potentially cause the torch to explode! The C-Torch is also very easy to grip and carry, using either the supplied lanyard or handle attachments. After several months of R&D, and lengthy trials by a well known North Sea Diving Company, we have arrived at a product that will satisfy the needs of the diving industry. Check out the datasheet on product page!