Untether your supervisor with C-Tecnics new Wireless Headset


C-Tecnics are very excited to announce the launch of a new product - the Wireless Headset, a product that has been designed for comfort, quality and compatibility with all C-Tecnics communication products from old to new.

C-Tecnics have been asked if we can supply a wireless headset. The answer is yes, we can.

The wireless headset eliminates the hindrance dive supervisors face while being tethered to a system, thus limiting manoeuvrability around the dive panel. With an impressive operating range of 20m the supervisor has freedom of movement whilst focussing on the dive. A longer range version is available for use by a third party, ie crane driver for direct communication to a diver, up to 250m can be achieved with line of sight to the control box. The C-Tecnics Wireless Headset offers excellent sound quality when used with not only the C-Tecnics range of communication systems, but also other manufactures equipment by way of a wireless interface adapter.