E-Vision HD-2

Introducing the new 2-channel Analogue High-Definition video system - the E-Vision HD-2.

A robust and easy-to-transport video system with 2 independent diver video channels and LED lamp controllers. Each recording channel also features its own 4-key control pad for quick control commands, such as record, stop and playback.

The AHD system eliminates the need for clients to upgrade existing coaxial cabling up to distances of 200m, whilst providing full HD video and snapshots. The C-Tecnics AHD camera, CT3026, comes in the same footprint package as our SD CT3015 camera, meaning existing brackets and subsea tails can be retained.

Video is recorded at 1920x1080p25 using an internal embedded DVR with internal 500GB storage for up to 150 Hours of video recording. Files are saved in MP4 format and are widely universal for playback on all devices where MP4 is supported. An audio input feature is included for the recording of live communications in diving situations or can be used as commentary during missions.

The display features a user selectable format where full screen single channel, split screen or full screen with PIP are selectable formats.

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E-Vision HD Surface Control Unit, 2 Channel


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