The C-Laser subsea laser module is a compact, rugged solid state subsea laser that has been designed for a variety of underwater highlighting and identification tasks, or when used in pairs, for scaling and ranging operations. Two or more units can be mounted a known distance from one another and will produce red dots on the targets at an equivalent spacing such that accurate measurements can be taken.

The laser module is a self contained solid-state subsea laser pointer which is categorised as a Class 3 laser product meaning no specialised training is required to operate the unit. The laser can be powered from a 9-30V DC supply and is equipped with over voltage and reverse polarity protection. These units are available as standard in a hard anodised aluminium housing which is depth rated to 1000m. Other housing materials for deeper water applications are available on request. Available with green (CT4007) or red (CT4005) pointer.

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C-Laser, Red Spot


C-Laser, Red Spot, Titanium


Subsea Laser Pointer, Green


Subsea Laser Pointer, Green, Titanium


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