AGA Comms Module

What it does

Microphone/Earphone Assembly for use with ‘AGA’ Full Face Masks

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This combined earphone, microphone and plate assembly permits communications to be added to the Aga/Interspiro Divator II mask by the removal of the front cover plate via two screws. The earphone is subjected to the ambient water environment and so is a sealed, solid moulded assembly. It contains a sensitive bone-conductor type earphone to provide clear communications to the diver. The microphone is a splash proof high performance unit which is open to the gaseous environment from within the mask.

Technical Detail

Code: CM-309
Description: AGA Comms, Single Ear with RMG-4-FS
Code: CM-310
Description: AGA Comms, Dual Ear with RMG-4-FS

Technical specification

  • 8 ohm Microphone
  • 28 ohm Earphone(s)
  • Nominal Cable Length: 300 mm
  • Cable Material: Neoprene Rubber
  • Standard Connector: RMG-4-MP


Custom configurations available on request. See product datasheet for more information.


  • Commercial Diving
  • Militrary Diving
  • Police Diving

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