Subsea Laser

What it does

Subsea Spot Or Line Laser For Size Scaling Or Ranging Applications

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The subsea laser is a compact, rugged solid state subsea laser designed for underwater highlighting and identification tasks, or when used in pairs, as part of a ranging and scaling function where two units can be mounted a known and calibrated distance apart from each other for accurate measuring. The laser module is classed as a Class 3 laser product meaning that no specialist training is required for its operation. It can be powered from a 9-30VDC supply and is equipped with voltage and reverse polarity protection.

Technical Detail

Code: CT4005-TI
Description: Subsea Laser, 635nm (Red) Spot, Titanium
Code: CT4005L-TI
Description: Subsea Laser, 635nm (Red) Line, Titanium
Code: CT4007-TI
Description: Subsea Laser, 532nm (Green) Spot, Titanium
Code: CT4007L-TI
Description: Subsea Laser, 532nm (Green) Line, Titanium

Technical specification

  • Laser Type: Diode, Class 3R, <5mW
  • Divergence: <0.4mrad (Green) / <0.75mrad (Red)
  • Wavelength: 532nm (Green) / 635nm (Red)
  • Fan Angle (Line): 90°
  • Input Voltage: 9-30 Volts DC
  • Operating Current: <300mA
  • Window Material: Sapphire
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C – 40°C
  • Dimensions: 135 x 30mm diameter
  • Depth Rating: 4000m


  • ROV
  • Robotics
  • Marine Survey

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