CT4011 LED Light with Serial Control

Introducing the serial control model CT4011 Underwater LED Light. The control electronics allow control options of dimming the LED lamps via RS232, RS485 or a 0-5V control voltage. In serial control, RS232 or RS485, a preset list of commands allows the user to set individual addresses for each light, set intensity for each light and allows the use of multidrop in RS485 to control up to 16 LED Lights. Menu control is via a terminal emulator, that can be used to switch between RS232 and RS485, change baud rate, toggle on/off termination resistor and re-set the device address. With voltage control, the 0 to 5V reference voltage allows the lamp to be dimmed on a scale of 0 to 100% intensity within the range of 0.25V to 4.75V.

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LED Light, 3100 lumens, Aluminium


LED Light, 3100 lumens, Stainless Steel


LED Light, 3100 lumens, Titanium


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